Sunday, November 9, 2014


She's sitting on the couch, the broken-down, 10 year-old couch obtained second hand, thinking she ought to get up and do something, maybe go to the bathroom because she just had a cup of coffee and several sips of water and her bladder is beginning to protest but she doesn't want to leave the comfort of hte space heater even though she's not cold now and probably won't be when it's off and she glances up at the clock that is an hour behind because it hasn't been adjusted for daylight savings time and her head is beginning to feel weird it's because she only got 4hrs and 54 minutes of sleep last night thank you activity band it's kind of cool to know how many steps she takes a day which has been 10-13k every day this week no wonder she's tired and she'd like to go on a run but it's hard when she's so tired from getting up in the middle of the night that's what it feels like it's dark and the dog is snoring instead of dancing in his cage his too-long nails clattering on the plastic liner she thinks again she needs to go to Goodwill and buy a couple of blankets for the two dogs who won't eat it like the puppy will eat anything she's not really a puppy anymore but that's what she's called and really she's a sweet dog cute and submissive if a little gross like all dogs are and now she thinks she'd like to have a cat sometime or a gerbil like the ones she used to have as a kid their little brown and white and black and white bodies and long tails and the noises they made chewing up kleenex boxes and cereal boxes to make their nests and that one time when there were babies and they were so cute but one day she went to look at them and the babies were all dead the male had chewed their legs off and killed them and that was rather horrifying and she still would like a gerbil or two but not a hamster those things have bitten her too many times even though they are cute and what about a guinea pig she could call it Olga da Polga or Boris if it's black with swirly fur and she's been seeing that book at the library and maybe she ought to read it it's been too many years to count since her third grade teacher read it to the class complete with voices and why is it so many books she remembers reading in grade school are so horrible now like the Boxcar Children she tried reading it to the boys and it was too awful for words and that reminds her of Scooby Doo that is awful too and she used to like that show so much like all kids and now wonders why and now the heater is off and it's time to get up or maybe close her eyes because it is 4:47 in the morning and everyone else in the house and beyond is still sleeping and she wishes she was but it probably isn't going to happen and at least she wrote something this morning it's been too long and this is probably annoying to read or to hard to read but who cares?

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